Fruit Sale

The time for our annual fruit sale is upon us!

If this is your first year and you don’t know, the fruit sale is our annual fundraiser where EVERY student in the band participates. We have completely revamped the sign up process to avoid the long waits from last year!  The students should have already signed up with a partner online in Mr. Vitale’s google classroom. Each group will be given their envelopes with detailed directions and their street assignments after the Wednesday 6-9 on 9/14. Here are key points you need to know.

  1. Your students should be out in the community selling on the streets written on their packet envelope on Saturday 9/17. We aim to have everyone out on this day but if it is impossible Sunday 9/18 is also OK.
  2. Donations of any amount ARE accepted! If a homeowner doesn’t like or want fruit, they can donate cash, check(written to North Royalton Band Boosters) or there is also a QR code that takes them to the cheddar up page for credit card donations.
  3. All of the documents that are passed out to your children on Wednesday 9/14 will be available on the North Royalton Band Boosters website under Fruit Sale. These documents will probably answer most of your questions.
  4. On Monday 9/19 your group should bring in their large white envelope with the order form that has all their orders from Saturday and all of the payment for the sales made over the weekend. Make sure this payment amount is correct because the kids are responsible for all their sales being accounted for and in the envelope.
  5. Each student will also get an individual order form and will be able to sell until 11/17/22 when all final orders are due.
  6. Fruit orders will be picked up by the group leader on December 10, 2022 at the high school annex which is directly next to Serpentini Stadium.

I hope this helps with any confusion and again take a look below for lots of additional info or forms you may need. Thanks for helping one of our biggest fundraisers to be a continued success!!